EFAM Detox Tincture

EFAM Detox Tincture

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Detox & Lymph Support Oxymel

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and new beginnings. After the stagnation of the winter months, the lymph tends to accumulate a buildup of toxins that affects our immune system, gut health, and energy levels. Supporting your natural detox pathways with gentle herbs to bring lymph and liver movement is a natural and regulating way to feel more harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

This blend is made with burdock, cleavers and chickweed, both common garden weeds with potent medicinal value. Both herbs promote lymphatic drainage. Chickweed is nourishing to the mucosal membranes throughout the body and cleavers are supportive to kidney & urinary inflammation.Burdock root has an alterative action, it is cleansing and restorative to the entire body. It protects the liver and supports healthy digestion. This blend is made with vinegar and honey and is a tasty spring tonic perfect for the whole family.

Directions: Take a teaspoon per day throughout the spring for optimal lymph movement and seasonal support. You can add it to your salad dressings fora medicinal boost to your meal.