EFAM Spring Herbal CSA

EFAM Spring Herbal CSA

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In this Seasonal Herbal CSA box you will find a mix of herbal products: a tincture, tea, oxymel, a body scrub and massage oil that we lovingly handcrafted using plants from our local gardens and forests. Each herbal medicine included in the box is formulated to help your whole being to thrive through the season of spring.

Detox & Lymph Support Oxymel

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and new beginnings. After the stagnation of the winter months, the lymph tends to accumulate a buildup of toxins that affects our immune system, gut health, and energy levels. Supporting your natural detox pathways with gentle herbs to bring lymph and liver movement is a natural and regulating way to feel more harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

This blend is made with burdock, cleavers and chickweed, both common garden weeds with potent medicinal value. Both herbs promote lymphatic drainage. Chickweed is nourishing to the mucosal membranes throughout the body and cleavers are supportive to kidney & urinary inflammation.Burdock root has an alterative action, it is cleansing and restorative to the entire body. It protects the liver and supports healthy digestion. This blend is made with vinegar and honey and is a tasty spring tonic perfect for the whole family.

Directions: Take a teaspoon per day throughout the spring for optimal lymph movement and seasonal support. You can add it to your salad dressings fora medicinal boost to your meal.


Liver Bitters Blend - Tincture

The liver protects the body from harsh toxins and supporting it’s natural detoxification process is essential for gut, immune, hormone, and nervous system regulation and health. This liver tincture is a combination of dandelion root, artichoke leaf, and calendula that is organic and locally sourced to aid in proper liver and gut function.

Dandelion is a common weed with a plethora of health benefits. The root in particular has actions that help us metabolize food and promote healthy gut flora. Dandelion is a heal- all herb that nourishes the spleen, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, skin, and lymph. Most people know artichoke for the yummy summer vegetable it produces but the big broad leaves of this plant hold the true value.

Artichoke leaves are very bitter and are often made into a tincture for liver and gallbladder support. The gallbladder is the part of our digestive system that stores bile and helps to break down fats. Artichoke leaf helps break down these fats so the body can have a more easeful digestive process. Then we have the third and final herb in this blend Calendula. This herb is known as a vulnerary which means wound healing, this applies to not only topical wounds but internal ones as well, especially the gut. Many have sensitive digestive tracts and calendula soothes and nourishes the gut while helping to support gas and bloating. This wonderful plant also is a gentle lymphatic that aids the immune system and overall health and wellness of the body. Enjoy this tincture to promote liver health, digestive aid, and lymph support.

Directions: Take 1 dropperful (about 30 drops) of this blend 15 minutes prior to any meal to support regular bowel movements, liver detox, and lymph movement.


Spring Dreams Tea

As we transition fully from the winter months and land firmly in spring, it is an opportune time to encourage our dreams to take root. This herbal tea blend is formulated to blossom deeper connections within, calm the nerves, and enhance dreams so that we have the capacity to show up in our daily lives for ourselves and our communities. This tea tastes minty, sweet, and earthy and is sure to provide a sense of inner wisdom and peace. Mugwort is a medicinal herb that is calming to the nervous system, supports digestion, and is balancing to hormones (**do not take it if pregnant). Lemon verbena is a delicious herb that is uplifting to the mood, soothing to the nerves, and supportive for restful sleep. Nettle is nutritive and helpful for challenging spring allergies, its is restorative to the kidneys, and nourishing to reproductive system among many other amazing benefits! Redwood tips are antimicrobial & expectorant which is supportive to the respiratory tract as well fighting off infection. Redwood tips energetically also encourage a calm sense of strength, stability, and community connection. Together this tea is your ally all spring long for nourishing vitality and personal empowerment.

Directions: Pour 1 TBLS into 8 oz of hot water for 5-10 minutes, strain and enjoy.


Salt Scrub

Exfoliating with salt scrubs is a time tested tradition that promotes circulation, radiant skin, and lymphatic drainage. This revitalizing ritual feels wonderful for the skin as well as aids health overall. The benefits of massaging your body with a salt scrub include: increases oxygen to the body and blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and gives a workout to the lymph nodes. This can help reduce water retention, speed up recovery from illness, and potentially support weight loss due to an improvement in metabolic rate. The more regular use, (recommend 2-3x per week) the more it will stimulate collagen production. This helps keep the skin plump and toned and wards off stretch marks and wrinkles. This scrub promotes healthy, glowing skin free from swelling, blotches, and puffiness. It also cleanses the pores, can speed up healing of scar tissue, creating soft supple skin. This is a fun and creative self care practice to love up on your body and promote a healthy lifestyle.

To use: Take a dime sized amount of salt scrub and begin to massage into your body. Focus on areas with more lymph like the neck, chest, armpits, and groin. Avoid the genitals and face as the salt may be harsh to those more sensitive areas. Continue to use more of the scrub as needed over your body. This practice is best done in the shower or tub, rinse off when you are done.


Lymph Love Massage Oil

This massage oil is a wonderful complement after salt scrubbing. After rinsing off the salt, massaging this high quality and luxurious oil blend on your body aids immune function and supports glowing and radiant skin. This blend combines calendula infused organic sunflower oil with sustainably sourced essential oils of balsam fir, juniper, and rosemary to invigorate the senses, support lymphatic drainage and promote connection to the body.

To use: Gently massage a small amount of oil.